Working Hard and Looking Good!
We know your extreme working conditions and the need to keep essential documents in order for ensuring safety and meeting compliance requirements.
Documents for those of us who get our hands dirty.
Water-proof, chemical-resistant, tear-resistant and environment friendly printed documents.
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Mining Study
Check out our mining case study!
Currently we are having great success marketing Durable Documents™ to the mining industry across the country. Driven by DEP regulations and safety requirements mining companies and mine operators in all states are mandated to keep records.

We developed an unprecedented record keeping system for equipment operators. Using daily and monthly checklists that are coil-bound and perfed into compact booklets, operators inspect the equipment in the mine and record readings. Regardless of how dirty the mine is or what operators may have on their hands, they can write on the documents, tear them out (without worrying about the tearing or ripping the page) and turn them in when they resurface.

The information that operators record stays on the document and dirt or other stains can be wiped off, so the mine has the crucial information they need for compliance. Our documents also retain their integrity underground for long periods of time – they don’t absorb moisture or go limp or wrinkle or tear. More importantly, the printing holds up well and is legible in these extreme conditions.

We work closely with maintenance engineers, safety directors, jobsite foremen, project managers and site managers to customize their documents for their specific workplace needs. Our documents have been tested to resist a range of corrosive chemicals, and can be written on and wiped clean. They are also perfect for record keeping needs and underwater applications.

What’s more, our documents can be rolled up and laid flat repeatedly without damaging them. They can also be perfed, scored or drilled for a variety of distinct workplace applications. Even when treated with high-pressure spray washing or high temperature sterilization processes, our documents retain all their printed information.
WBE Certified

Zatta-Martin LLC dba Blanc Printing Co. is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

Certification No: 130228 Zatta Ma

Mining Case Study

Currently we are having great success marketing Durable Documents™ to the mining industry across the country. Driven by DEP regulations and safety requirements... Read More

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